1.Create a page in OneNote.

Note: This step is not necessary for quick notes. Go straight to step 3.
2.Move the mouse pointer in the page column to the desired page to be assigned.
(Page column = column with the list of names of the pages).

3.Press the right mouse button to open a pop-up menu.
4.In the pop-up menu, select the "Copy link to page" menu item.

OneNote Quick Notes: Choose Copy Link to Paragraph from the pop-up menu.

5.Left-click the FileLinker icon in the right taskbar corner.

6.In the FileLinker menu, select the "OneNote Links" menu item.

7.Select the "Assign OneNote Link" menu item in the submenu.

8.Select your application you are currently working with and click the "Select" button.

9.The link is automatically inserted from the clipboard into the Link field.

10.Click the "Assign" button to assign the OneNote link.

11.Assign a name for the FileLinker Linkdate and click the "Save" button.

12.The OneNote link has been assigned to the drawing.