Left-click the FileLinker icon in the right taskbar corner.

2.Select the "New Project" menu item in the FileLinker menu.

3.The FileLinker dialog box for creating a new project appears.

Note: If your project folder is not yet defined, define it in the FileLinker settings. If subdirectories are to be created automatically, these must also be defined in the FileLinker settings.
4.Enter a project name.

5.Click the displayed OneNote button to the right of the Create Project Map/Link button.

6.OneNote will be opened automatically.

7.Create a project page in OneNote.

8.Move the mouse pointer in the page column to the desired page to be assigned. (Page column = column with the list of names of the pages).

9.Press the right mouse button to open a pop-up menu.
10.In the pop-up menu, select the "Copy link to page" menu item.

11.FileLinker is automatically brought to the foreground and the Project Map/Link button is now active. A blue check mark is displayed next to it.

12.Activate the Project Map/Link switch. The check mark is now displayed in green.
13.Now click on the "Create new project" button..

14.The new directory is created in the selected project folder with the corresponding subdirectories. There are now several options available to you:

1. Copy the project link to the Project Center.
2. Copy the project link to the clipboard as a file.
3. Save the project link as a file.
4. Copy only the link to the clipboard.

15.Option 1: Transfer the project link to the FileLinker Project Center.

16.Optionally, you can enter a short description. Click the OK button when you are finished.

17.The project link is transferred to the FileLinker Project Center.

18.Select the desired project link and click the "Copy project link to clipboard" button.

19.Switch to your OneNote project page and position the mouse cursor in your desired position.

20.Press the CTRL+V key combination or select the Paste command to paste the project link as a file.

21.As soon as you double-click on the project link on your project page, FileLinker will take you to your project folder.

22.As soon as you save a document (drawing) in your project folder, the project page can be called immediately via FileLinker.