Pos.Work step
1.Left-click the FileLinker icon in the right taskbar corner.

2.In the FileLinker menu, select the "New Project" command.

3.In the Project Name dialog box, enter a name for your project, and then click the New Project button..

Important: The option "Copy templates" must be activated to generate the project map.

Other options:

Create subdirectories - turn on this option if you want the defined subdirectories to be created in the settings as well.

Use project folder (default) - enable this option if the defined project folder should be used in the settings.

4.Select a MindMap template in the dialog box and click the "Open" button.

5.The project map is created in the background and opened with MindManager.

6.If necessary, select the branch with the inserted path and press the F5 key to update the pointer.

7.The folder structure is displayed and you can start entering the project data.

HinweisFor more information about the FileLinker command scope, see the FileLinker Reference Manual.