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Select file

If you have clicked on the Select file menu item, the following dialog box appears:

There, select the desired file to link to.

Click the Open button to apply the selection.

The selected link is displayed in the Master Link field. As link name the file name of the selected file is used as the link name.

Further buttons for copying or saving the master link are available afterwards. Save the Master Link.

Copy Master Link to Clipboard (Clipboard)

Use this button to generate the FileLinker file and copy it to your Windows clipboard at the same time. copy it to your Windows clipboard at the same time. If the FileLinker file is on the clipboard, you can use it in OneNote, Word, PowerPoint or on the or on the desktop directly with the Paste command.

Save Master Link as File (File)

Use this button to save the FileLinker file to your computer. computer. The FileLinker file can then be inserted into your applications, such as. OneNote, Word, PowerPoint or in a Sharepoint document area. document area.

Copy Temporary Master Link File Path (Clipboard)

Use this button to copy the file path of the temporary FileLinker- file to the clipboard. The file path can be used for example to include the FileLinker file as an attachment or appendix in a MindManager map. attachment in a MindManager map. This enables the later execution a FileLinker file from a Microsoft Teams or SharePoint environment.

Add master link file to FileLinker link list

Use this button to add the FileLinker file to the FileLinker Link list. list.

Select file