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Step 1

In step 1, determine the location of your project folder.

New FileLinker projects are created in the project folder.

After entering a project name, FileLinker will create a subdirectory in the defined project folder. Furthermore in this subdirectory further defined subdirectories of your project are created and existing templates are copied.

The default folder is a local location in your Windows document folder is specified.

Change the project folder path if your project folder is located on a network or cloud storage.

Recommendation: Use a cloud storage if you have several workstations (e.g. PC in (e.g. PC in the company and PC in the home office).

If multiple people are to access the project files, then a cloud storage space (e.g. OneDrive, Sharepoint or Microsoft Teams) or a network drive is also recommended.


Project folder: C:\Users\Documents\FileLinker\Project folder.
New project name: Catalog Planning 2022

Defined subdirectories*: \Images, \MindMaps, \Miscellaneous, \Tables.

*Note: The \Documents folder is always created and does not need to be defined separately.

Existing templates in \My templates folder: \MindMap\Map.mmap

Step 1