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Step 3

In step 3, determine the location of your templates.

In the folder \My templates you can integrate your own templates, which will be automatically When you create a new project, these templates will automatically be included in the new project. For example, if a new FileLinker project has a subdirectory \MindMaps subdirectory is created for a new FileLinker project, then you have the option to also create a folder named MindMaps in the folder \My templates. All files located in the folder \MindMaps will be copied when the new project folder is created. is copied.

The default folder is a local location in your Windows document folder. document folder is specified.

Recommendation: Use a cloud storage location if you have multiple workstations (e.g. PC in (e.g. PC in the company and in the home office).

If more than one person is to access the link list, then a cloud (e.g. OneDrive, Sharepoint or Microsoft Teams) or a network drive. drive must be specified.

Example: See example for step 1.

Step 3