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New project

FileLinker supports you in managing your files for a project.

To do this, select the menu item New project in the menu bar.

Here you can easily create a new project or define an existing folder as a project.

Select the desired project folder in the folder list and/or enter a name for the project folder in the Project name dialogue box.

Note: If you want to adopt the name of an existing folder as the project name, select the corresponding folder in the listing and press the right mouse button.

Further options:

Create Project Map/Link: Activate this option if a project map/link is to be created. If a project map/link already exists, it will not be overwritten.

Create subdirectories: FileLinker creates the subdirectories defined in the FileLinker settings in the defined folder. All existing subdirectories are retained.

Copy templates: With the option Copy templates you determine whether the files stored in the FileLinker folder \My templates are to be copied to the new folder when they are created. The position of the templates can be defined in the FileLinker settings. All files with the same name that already exist are not overwritten.

Use project folder (settings): Activate this option if the project folder defined in the FileLinker settings is to be used.

Tip: Check the path of the project folder before clicking the Create new project button.

Click the Create new project button if you want to create a project.

Enterprise only: Select a project map template and click the Open button.

After creating the project, FileLinker switches to the Master Link view.

New projects only: The FileLinker file is already on the clipboard and can be pasted immediately into an external programme, such as OneNote. Use the Paste command or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V to paste the FileLinker file.

Optional: Click the Transfer to Project Center button if you want your project to be transferred to the Project Center. All Quick Links of the project are generated automatically.

New project
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