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Project Center

The FileLinker Project Center corresponds to a collection of FileLinker link files.

Select a created link file and then click the Open Project/Link button to open the link file.

FileLinker will then open the selected link file.

To delete existing link files from the link list, use the Open Project Center folder button and simply remove the files using Windows Explorer.

Refresh List

Use this button if you want to update listing.

Copy Master Link File to Clipboard (Clipboard)

Use this button to copy the selected FileLinker file to your Windows clipboard. Once the FileLinker file is on the clipboard, it can be pasted directly into OneNote, Word, PowerPoint or the desktop using the Paste command.

Copy file path to clipboard

Use this button to copy the file path of the selected FileLinker file to the clipboard. The file path can be used, for example, to include the FileLinker file as an attachment or appendix in a MindManager map. This allows you to run a FileLinker file later from a Microsoft Teams or SharePoint environment.

Load profile

Click this button if you want to open another profile file.

Project Center