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Use protocol function

With the help of FileLinker’s logging functionality you have the possibility to log the version status of files in your FileLinker documents folder (subdirectory \Documents).

However, this requires a correct master link to a project directory/folder and the storage of the files to be logged in the \Documents subdirectory there.

Note: Each time a new FileLinker project is created, the \Documents subdirectory is automatically created.

The log file corresponds to a standard CSV file (ASCII table file) that can be opened and edited with any spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel, or any other ASCII editor (e.g. Notepad). However, to ensure proper processing with FileLinker, the format or syntax should not be changed.


Master Link: X:\OneDrive\ProjectFolder\ACT Form.

Document folder: X:\OneDrive\Project folder\ACT Form\Documents

Note: If the project folder (also with contents) already exists when creating a project, only missing subfolders and files from the template folder \My Templates will be added. Already existing folders and files will not be changed.

Use protocol function