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In the Options menu item, define the project folder and the subdirectories that are to be created automatically when a new project is created.

Define the storage location of the project folder under the item Default project folder.

To do this, click on the folder button and select the Change folder command from the menu.

Also specify the location of the FileLinker Link List (My Links folder) and the Templates folder (My Templates folder).

Note: If there are folders with the same name in the FileLinker folder \My Templates, files stored there will be automatically copied to the new folder.

Example: If in the FileLinker folder \My Templates a subfolder named \Tables was defined, which contains a table file (e.g. Calculations.xlsx), then this file will be automatically copied to the newly created folder \Tables. In the Attachment subdirectories (variable) area you define the subdirectories that should be created for a project.

Tip: To get a quick Windows Explorer access to the defined folders, you can use the buttons at the end of the displayed link.

Tip: Use a OneDrive/Sharepoint (cloud storage) or network folder as storage location for the project folder if you work in a team or at different workstations (e.g. Office and Home Office).